For some reason none of my domains DNS names resolve to IP addresses anymore. I wonder if it has something to do with China’s new policy, see China Imposes New Internet Controls.

It basically boils down to this: domain names will not be resolved to IP addresses, unless you register your domain (even your foreign domain) with the Chinese authorities.

Now I’m no expert in population control and have to admire the Chinese goverment for their expertise on the subject, but I don’t think that the power of the young generation of Chinese should be underestimated. I mean, even when my former colleagues would follow a link to a blocked website they would get mad. Now imagine if suddenly the World Of Warcraft servers would be inaccessible.

For the moment, let’s hope this is a temporary glitch in my ISP’s DNS service.

UPDATE: Screw that, even cannot be resolved. I’ve just entered the IPs of some US DNS servers in my router configuration. This Chinese DNS service is crap anyway.

UPDATE2: I’m now using, Google Public DNS

UPDATE3: No I’m not