From Xinhua today:

A father complained about tainted milk powder after his 13-year-old daughter developed kidney stones after drinking the powdered milk in May. The Department of Health of Gansu Province received a hospital's report of 16 infants suffering from kidney stones after drinking the same formula in July.

    However, the scandal was covered up until September. A total of 12,892 infants across China have been hospitalized with the effects of tainted milk powder as of Sunday morning, and at least three babies have died, according to the Ministry of Health.


    "In some areas and departments, there is a culture among government officials that everybody struggles for more power and shuns responsibility. This neglect of the interests of the people is totally unacceptable in the current reform of the administrative system, which aims to build a service-oriented government," said Wang Shiquan, a doctor of the China Executive Leadership Academy Pudong.


China's top quality control official, Li Changjiang, resigned on Monday over the tainted milk scandal, becoming one of the highest-ranking officials punished after the acclaimed Olympics. "

It’s absolutely unbelievable that babies die in this country because of the fuzzy food regulations and lack of proper checks. That said, at least responsible authority figures are held accountable and do step down, which is not a common thing at all in several other countries I won’t specify here. Pity though they only take up responsibility once their lust for power leads to accidents so severe that people will have to find out about them.

BTW, Why don’t Chinese women breastfeed.