Updated for ansible

A friend introduced me to Ansible recently and since then I’ve been spending a lot of time on writing playbooks. (Time which was perhaps better spent on Docker, but for now Ansible is my #shinynewthing.)*

Unfortunately I find the Ansible online docs lacking, especially given the amount of info available in ansible-doc command line tool.

So, for all those Ansible lovers, here’s a single page file with all of Ansible’s modules and attributes: http://www.lunesu.com/ansible.yml

This file was created as such (with a little post-processing**):

$ ansible-doc -l | cut -d ' ' -f 1 | xargs ansible-doc -s >ansible.yml

* In fact, I now use Ansible to create my Docker containers.

** :%s/^\([^’#]\+\)’\([^#]*\)/\1`\2/g