I finally got around to asking for permission to share the slides of a tech talk I did more than a year ago: Modern COM Programming in D

In the slides I explain how I’ve made a projection for COM into D, which allows you to use COM objects without the usual hassle of refcount/QueryInterface/HRESULT/BSTR/etc… Sharing the code will be hard (mostly because of the shape it’s in) but the slides basically contain all you need. Actually, D has progressed a lot since, so a rewrite might be in order anyway.

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import std.stdio, comxml;

void main()
    // Create a new empty document
    auto doc = XmlDocument();

    // Load an XML document from an inline string

    // Get the first node's value
    auto text = doc.DocumentElement.FirstChild;
    // Write the node's value to the console

    // Perform a simple XPath query
    auto nodes = doc.SelectNodes("/root/a/text()");

    // Do iteration through the child nodes
    foreach (node; nodes.First)

    // Access the child nodes by index
    for (uint t = 0; t < nodes.length; ++t)